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Great tips from Linda on preparing honey for a contest

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Linda has some great tips on preparing your honey for entry in contests. She has really spent some time thinking it through. It’s not clear weather this knowledge has come from experience of if she gained it from other beekeepers. I would guess that she learned this from her own experiences. It’s especially useful because it prepares the honey for a contest at the time of extraction. So there is really no additional work on the beekeeper. Pretty genius.

From the evidence in her side bar, she may know a thing or two about entering and winning honey contests. She has six first place blue ribbons and four second place red ribbons for her honey.

I have not entered any contests to date, but I will revisit her post if I ever considering entering a honey judging contest.

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  1. Anonymous4/6/14 15:57

    Now I get it. It's the MailChimp page that is too light to read. But this page is fine. I look forward to reading more of our work and applaude your efforts.