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Buckwheat Honey Butter Biscuits

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One of my favorite treats is home made honey butter. It’s better when made with buckwheat honey. It’s best when served with home made butter and biscuits.
Here are some pics of me making honey butter.

Cut a pad of butter and pour honey on top.
Get a fresh homemade biscuit
Mash the butter and honey together with a fork.
Rip off a piece of the biscuit and dip in the honey butter, Eat and Enjoy!!!
If you’ve never tried any of the darker honeys, I suggest you do. The flavor in a darker honey is out of this world. Much more complex than many of the lighter honeys I’ve tasted. When combined with butter, it’s causes a flavor explosion in my mouth. Writing this is making me want to ask my wife fix more biscuits. Mmmm, mmm.

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