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About Us

No comments is a site dedicated to the wonderful world of keeping bees. We try to keep up with the latest news and events in order to share that with you. We follow several sources of information and share what we believe will be of value to you. When this site was originally developed and put on line I developed it in CakePHP. Some time later I moved the site over to Wordpress. Now in 2012 the site is being converted and moved to Octopress.
Originally the idea what to develop an app that could be used to record information about bee hives, inspections, and developments. Even though this idea has yet to materialize, it is one that persists and continues to develop in the recesses of my mind that will one day see light. Since development wasn’t proceeding as quickly as I liked I saw little need to continue to develop a blogging application when there were so many fine choices available that provided many more features than I had time to implement myself.
I had had a few sites on Wordpress and decided to move this one there as well. One of the goals at the time was that I would blog more often as I could focus on the content and not the functionality of the blogging software. But…I’m a command-line, live in the green and black shell kind of guy. Having to open a browser, log into a javascript dense website in order to compose a post quickly got on my nerves. For the role Wordpress fills it is an over complex and bloated piece of software. And frankly I wondered why a blog had to be dynamic at all. I began looking for ways to have a static html version of my site. It would be faster, cleaner, more portable, less resource intensive, lighter, and easier to manage. I could update the site any time I wanted whether or not I had an active internet connection. All of this really appealed to me.
The best I could come up with were artcles discussing wget’ing the whole site in order to “mirror” it as static html. I tried a few but found it to be more work than I cared to put into it. The main issue I ran into were broken links and images.
So I decided to look for ways to optimize the size using caches, CDN’s, compression, and content expiration. It helped but I still felt that for such a small site it still loaded too slow. In addition I became bored with having to contantly update Wordpress and extensions. And I still never really took the time to actually write content.
Fast foward to 2011. I learned of jekyll. Jekyll is a static blog generation engine written in Ruby. It seemed to meet all my requirements.
Digging deeper I found Octopress. Which built on top of Jekyll. It came with a nice looking theme and support for many plugins. Comments are handled by Disqus. All dynamic content is handled by javascript and everything else is statically generated. It can be easily deployed to any web hosting provider with no database or scripting language requirements. I converted my personal blog first, and set up an addition site. I was pleased with the results enough that I have decided it’s time to move this site over as well. The motivation for this is once again ease of management that will hoefully free me to focus on content creation rather than the technicalities of managing a blogging site.

Our bees

We began keeping bees back in 2007. Since the beginning I’ve been looking for a way to marry my love of technology with my new found love of bees. We tyically have anywehere between 1 and 20 hives of bees.

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